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Clive Townsend founded Incognito Games in 2002 as a platform to develop handheld software. This was done primarily to strengthen the previously co-founded (and successful) Pukka Games to compliment their existing PC and next generation skills.

The Incognito team are a very close knit group with a wide array of experience working together on many previous projects. Each team member has been involved with the design, implementation and production of numerous computer game titles on a variety of formats spanning over 20 years. Many of these game titles have been heralded as landmarks for the gaming platforms on which they were released, and nearly all have held top ten commercial chart positions within their platform sector.

Incognito's core strengths lie not only in technical prowess and creative style, but in complete project management, many times we have proven we can take an idea from initial conception through all stages of development to final release. 

Incognito Games' creative development and core operations are based in Somerset, England, the company is privately owned, and controls all IP of technologies developed.

:: Vision

Since the early 80's the people behind Incognito Games have always been at the cutting edge of technology.

Whether it's adapting to new hardware, pushing back the limits of what a processor can do or simply experimenting with new ideas for optimum results, we have always lead in our field. It is for this reason we have chosen to place our wealth of experience, knowledge, ability and techniques into creating what we believe to be high-value mobile content.

As a games development company we feel it is imperative to provide our customers and clients with a brand of software they can trust. For us game-play comes first, it is crucial to a products success and it is the only way we can truly provide the entertainment we wish to offer the gaming community.

With our continued love of computer games, dedication to the industry we work in and our determined approach in pushing back the limits of the technology we use, Incognito Games' guarantee will always be to produce high quality, technically outstanding addictive entertainment!

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