Publisher: Incognito Games
Nokia Series 60 / N-Gage


BitStorm combines all the valuable elements that made early videogames so addictive and ultimately what has made the games industry what it is today. In short BitStorm is a fast paced arcade game that that is both easy to learn and simple to play, however don't expect an easy ride. The levels are tempered to maintain the addictive qualities of the game throughout and the variety of levels will prove challenging to both newcomers and hardened gamers alike.

Battle your way through 300 levels of Pixel-Busting mayhem as you try to overcome a virus that has thrown your machine into uncontrollable overdrive. With each level you delve deeper into the Central Processing Unit and attempt to combat the viral spillage from the Graphics Processor that is wreaking havoc with your system. As you disinfect the levels by destroying the pixel overspill, the virii agents may reveal themselves and endeavour to make your task more difficult.

If you want a game that you can pick up, play, enjoy and keep coming back to time and time again for many months to come, then BitStorm is that game.


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