Publisher: Datmedia
Datpresenter™ provides fully-customisable learning and training software for professionals. The award winning one-to-many presentation platform allows organisations to build relationships with their audience, increase availability of top experts, leverage knowledge capital, and reduce training costs.

Datpresenter Datpresenter
Datpresenter Datpresenter

• Live (Truesync) and on-demand
• Video management and playlists
• Unlimited Player custom templates and styles
• Multiple video formats (H.264, FLV, WMV, MOV, RM, 3GPP, VIV)
• W3C and SCORM compliant
• Make offline version
• Enhanced podcast
• Channel support for RSS and XML output
• Foreign language support UTF8
• Live chat room and admin/post question
• PPT plug-in for live & on-demand slide timings
• Synchronise any web media
• Send to friend/social network
• Video only and synchronised video
• Banner advertisements
• Failover for live streams
• Analytics
• HTML overlays per chapter index point
• FTP batch upload
• Post, pre, end roll ads.
• AD/LDAP Integration
• Multiple Account/Channel Support
• Cross Account/Channel Programme Sharing - CMS
• Independent CDN integration with Edgecast/ICSS, Akami, Astream
• Integration into chosen, independent CDN
• Integration in to chosen independent LMS
• Support for mobile platforms
• Support for Set-Top Box (STB) / Internet-Ready TV
• Up to 24/7 Support (Various SLA's on request (additional cost))

Created in conjunction with Cosy Enterprises Ltd.

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