Pop Idol


Publisher: Namco
All major mobile formats, across multiple territories, such as Australian Idol, Indian Idol, etc.

Pop Idol mobile game  Pop Idol mobile game  Pop Idol mobile game  Pop Idol mobile game
Pop Idol mobile game  Pop Idol mobile game  Pop Idol mobile game

Created in conjunction with Airplay UK, and published by Namco. 

The Idols mobile game is currently launching across multiple territories across the globe!

This game has been created to totally match the look and feel of the Idols brand, ranging from the look of the contestants to the logos on the set.

The player must create their own contestant and guide them through the 'Live Stages' of the TV Show. Songs are performed by playing through multiple exciting mini games. Each week the player must work with their vocal trainer to practice for the live TV show. the player must train hard to improve their character's singing skills to deliver a knock-out performance on the night.

As always, the ever present judges will give the player honest and brutal feedback after each performance, delivering classic one liners just like in the TV Show. The player's character will score popularity with the voting public watching at home. If the player has performed well they'll make it through to next week's show and be one step closer to the final.

The objective of the game is to win the final show, release a single into the charts and get a number one. However, the player will only get a number one if they have consistently performed well and have built up a big enough fan base.

Do you have what it takes to be number one?

Idols ™ 19 TV Ltd. & FremantleMedia Ltd.

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