Reaper - 2022


Publisher: Cronosoft (UK) and Teknamic (Europe)
Format: ZX Spectrum

Every 500 years immortal wise men bring back to life a valiant warrior, an expert in martial arts, before putting him to the test. Projected into a maze, he must save his friends' souls and face terrible enemies.

This year, you have been chosen by the Council. Will you overcome the challenge?

Yes - it's the same game again! I originally made this game in 1990 as a way to get my friends' names into a game. I was amazed that it was actually published!
So when Filipe at Teknamic suggested that I re-release it, I took the opportunity to fill it with names of people from the Speccy scene and more.

  UK version available for pre-order HERE!

  European version available for pre-order HERE!

UK version:

Europe version:

And I had the chance to remake the box art (top left), based on my original design. I sent it to Ubi Soft in 1990 but their artist made a simpler version.
Original box art HERE


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