Saboteur: Deep Cover


Publisher: Teknamic / Bitnamic Software (Eur/Amer)    Retro Fusion Annual 2022 (Limited edition)


Your last chance.

Gather some intel on the devious Viridis corporation.
Send your information back to base.
Sabotage the security systems to aid your team-mate when they arrive by hang-glider.

Escape or die.

Saboteur: Deep Cover


Discover the events leading up to Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

A text adventure with graphics.
Story by Clive Townsend & Andy Remic
Playtesting and Spanish translation by Vik Zee

• For 128k ZX Spectrum only.
• Available in English and Spanish.
• English version used in Kickstarter for Retro Fusion Annual 2022.
• Polish version planned to celebrate 10 years of

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