:: How Incognito Games can help you

Outlined below is a bulleted list of skills that have been acquired through our many years of experience within the games industry and the clients that we have worked with. All development work is done within the Incognito group without need for external resources.


:: Some of our Clients

Here is a small selection of the clients that we have had the pleasure of working with during our time in the games industry.


:: Programming Languages

Z80 Machine Code
Z80 RISC (As used for the Game Boy Color™ and Game Boy™)
6502 Machine Code
6510 Machine Code
68000 Machine Code
80x86 Machine Code
ARM / Thumb Machine Code

C / C++ / C#
SQL / XML / Oracle / HTML

:: Platform Environments

Symbian OS
PC (DirectX, OpenGL, DOS)
PDA (GAPI, Windows CE, Smartphone)
Game Boy (Mono, Color, Advance)

:: Game Creation Skills

Full Game Design Specifications
2D Bitmap Art / Texture Creation
Low Poly Modeling / High-End Rendering
Small Engine / Game Code Footprint for memory limited machines
Code Optimisations for limited processor power
Ability to work with limited colours / screen resolution
35+ years of programming techniques and tricks

:: Technologies Developed

Development Tools
Multiplayer Network Code
2D Game Engines (Software / Hardware)
3D Game Engines (Software / Hardware)

:: Projects Undertaken and Completed

Original Games (Designed In-House / Client Specification)
Licensed Games (Designed In-House / Client Specification)
Format Conversions (Original / Licensed)

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